volvo v60 on air suspension

 Today we have another interesting project — Volvo v60 from last year’s festival Raceism 2018, about which we are going to talk with car’s owner Robin.

  • Hi Robin, we are always happy to see new people, new cars! Tell us about yourself, about your hobbies and passions?
  • My name is Robin Lindhav 23 from Sweden.
    My hobbies and passion is cars cars cars ))

  • When were you buying your car, you chose Volvo v60 on purpose for your project or that was a coincidence?
  • I buy it in june and 6 days later it was Done and was at raceism 2018.
    My old car was a Volvo v60-13 and when the new v60II came out it was no question )

  • Why did you choose stance tunning style?
  • Because it’s awesome!

  • Tell us what have you added to your project?
  • Airride, wheels with fitment, tinted window. Yeh thats that!

  • Which update is your favourite and why?
  • Airride!

  • Where do you find inspiration?
  • My friends!

  • What is stance for you?
  • Lifestyle!

  • What are you going to do with your car in future?
  • New rims, Rullbar, Hardlines, Blacked out!

Owner: Robin
Text: БАТЯ
Photo: Luft

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