Static Lexus LS400

Such an interesting project was noticed at the Raceism automobile festival built on the basis of LEXUS LS400 ucf10 in static setup.

Clear corners and signal lights

Engine 1UZ-FE

2×2.5 INOX exhaust with X-Pipe and Tanabe Hyper Medalion mufflersFull Milky White Tail lights Front license plate delete

Genuine Wald V1 Sport Line Body KitWheels & Tires:  Weds Kranze LXZ custom brushed aluminium with polished lips 9.5Jx19″ ET25 front and 9.5Jx19″ ET15 rears with 215/35 SunnyInterior: Nardi Torino Wood Deep corn 350mm

Suspension:  ISC Coilovers Drift super low spec with 140/18 springs

Owner: Konrad
Text: БАТЯ
Photo: Luft

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