bmw e36 on air

At last year’s festival in Poland, a very interesting project that participated in Raceism 2018 got into the lens of our photographer sashaluft. Its owner Tobias from Sweden talks about his project.

  • Hi Tobias. Glad to see you and your project on the pages of dropmode. Can you tell us about yourself, your hobby and passion?
  • Tobias ostlund, 23 years from sweden. My hobbies is of course cars, mostly stancecars. Go jetski and hang out with friends. My passion is to have a life of quality, surround myself with Good people.

  • Why did you choose BMW E36? Do you have a special story about it?
  •  Always liked the form off the e36 convertible , so i buy one original 325i without any equipment. I want to go ”all in” with the car, so i did. Took it in pieces, modify it and put it back together. My friends thinks im stupid Because i buy a vert but i don’t like to drive a vert, always keep the roof on.

  • Why did you choose stance tunning style?
  • You should always be down to earth. Same with cars.

  • What were the first options changed?
  • The overfenders from felony form US. Modified in to the body.

  • What is established in the car now?
  • Some modifications to the body. Repainted in bmw color ”san marino blue”. New wheels BBS RF 17×10,5 and 17×11

  • Where do you find inspiration?
  • Instagram, Facebook and my own ideas.

  • What is stance for you?
  • A social network, a couple of friends that like same things and same style of cars.

  • Car has become blue at the moment and new wheels BBS RF! Which changes are you planing in the car in the new season?
  • I don’t know, its out for sale now.

— BMW3 E36 Cabrio

— Red leather seats and doorsides
— Luisi steeringwheel
— iPad mini mod in to middle console

— Painted Ferrari giallo modena
— Felonyform fenders
— Musk front lip
— Agt styling sideskirts
— Fancywide diffuser
— M3 bodykit
— Some body modifications
— Diffrent grills
— Tinted and chanced front and backlights
— Full tinted Windows
— Shotgun exhaust

— Original

— Airlift 3p suspension
— Camber arms
— Powerflex bussings

Wheels & Tires:
— Work meister L1 Front 18×10 with hankook ventus v12 225/35
— Work meister L1 Rear 18×12 with hankook ventus v12 255/35

Owner: Tobias
Text: БАТЯ
Photo: Luft

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