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Jet Stream

«Hummel» (с нем. «Шмель») – именно так в процессе разработки называлась версия первого трехобъемного «Гольфа» длиной 4195 мм. Модель с увеличенным багажным отделением назвали Jetta — в честь сильного ветра Jet Stream, дующего в высотных слоях атмосферы. Протяженность воздушного потока достигает 1.5 — 4.5 тыс. км.


Raceism Event 2016


After a previous Raceism event that was held in Opole city, one of the biggest european stance-festival has returned to it’s roots — to Wroclaw Stadium on the 9-10th of July 2016.
A huge parking place gathered hundreds of amazing projects all over the Europe. Along with the stance-exhibition visitors could also see a drift performance that was performed just near the main stage. The variety of cars was really exiting: from common VW and Audi to outstanding Maseratti, Ferrari and Lamborgini. One thing that should be noticed is an amount of Japan cars at the event. From year to year the percentage of them grows and it really nice to see such cars as well on this «european» festival.
This year was the first year Ukraine took part at the Raceism event. Two cars were presented there: silver BMW E90 from Lutsk (DropMode) and white VW Jetta MK6 from Kiev (Nothing Extra) having a long trip to get there.
Take a look at the photos and feel yourself there even if you have not visited this festival, but be carefull as you may want to do it next year :)

Give me FIVE!


Сезон автомобильной культуры в Украине начинается не с первого цвета, тёплой погоды, коротких юбок или посиделок с гитарой во дворе. Мы начинаем новый сезон с Лоувиля! Культового фестиваля автомобильного кастомайзинга на берегу Чёрного моря.